559 holigraphic red dot sight ,shockproof

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Red Dot & Laser Scope
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Aluminum Alloy
Red Dot & Green Dot
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Operator's manual




In 560 to holographic weapons (line of sight)


See the distribution statement inside the cover.


DCSIGHIT holographic company technical manual version. a




In June 2014,








Weapon safe: before installation of (R) in your arms, to ensure that weapons are cleared. If you are not sure how to clean your weapons, please see attached weapons platform operation manual you install.


Laser safety: secondary laser products. Light beams of the secondary level, however, was completely housing. Only can eye image beam and laser power levels in restricted e-zine laser products. Light beams can be accessible to the eyes if real estate is broken. Immediately shut off the line of sight and return the broken unit plant maintenance.



The FCC compliance: 15 part FCCR ules. Operation shall meet the following requirements: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference and (2) this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation. In line with the 21 CFR chapter 1, chapter points J.




* will never remove the vision optical device. Optical cavity purification, nitrogen filled, sealed to achieve prevent mist performance. Remove will void the warranty and show an operation.


* feeling when suddenly increased resistance in the elevation or clearance adjustment shaft, the end of the adjusting range. Do not open any further adjust or serious damage may occur.


* never clean the glass surface with dry cloth or paper towels; Before always suppress clean glass surface.


* all of the sight of the moving parts of permanent lubrication in addition to the quick release lever. If the sound generated when opening/closing lever, add a drop of oil rod assembly. Don't try to lubrication other moving parts.


* don't use deterioration or corrosion cell. Check the battery tear, tear, concave or cut the housing. If you have any contact, the content of the internal battery, it may affect the operation of vision.


* (R) design unit mounted directly to the 1 "(25.4 mm) weaver or railway specification mil - STD - 1913.




1.0 is introduced


1.1 general information


This manual is to conduct an overview of the holographic weapons (sight), and defines the basic operation, function/benefits, and option of proprietary optical system. In state of - the - art optical aiming system, using holographic targeting technology of small and medium caliber weapons and launch platform. By using holographic optical manufacturing technology for the production of advanced head-up display strike fighter as the goal, to measure reading, weapon system verification, etc.


1.2 the key attributes


A lightweight, non - magnifying, optical design in close combat. It allows quick target acquisition and participate in a short range target, at the same time provide capacity of 300 m is equal to or better than iron.


The main combat advantage very fast reticle - on - target acquisition. As soon as possible to determine a goal, holographic reticle can be superimposed on the target. See allows operators to maintain eye contact on the target system, holographic graticule will not focus to target. Operators can quickly obtain the target and the reticle are in the same focal plane of the fast and accurate location.


Seems to project the reticle holographic image on the target plane. See can be used as a bright open reticle image or a fine point only limited shooting eyes acuity. Graticule pattern parallax free and holographic head-up display window allows no distortion and unlimited view.


Provide the following 0-560 to 65 minutes ring vertical and horizontal visibility and 1 kind of agriculture aiming point:



Figure 1 to 560 reticle


For another advantage is the full field of vision, allowing operators to better situational awareness. Employs a real head-up display (HUD) window, eliminate blind spots and tunnel vision and visual field.


Control is embedded into the housing not highlight the knob, battery, or ring fuzzy goals. Use natural binocular vision is a kind of take advantage of the target system, and additional threat identification by increasing operator situational awareness and peripheral vision.


The main purpose is for M4A1 carbine and CQBR close combat. However, not limited to carbine. In currently used caliber machine guns, grenade launchers and less than lethal grenade launchers. See a 1 x (no amplification) aiming at the image, rather than a remote vision system design, however, it can serve as effective iron at the target of 300 meters.


The advantage is that it provides the operator shooting performance is superior,


Rapid reticle - on - target acquisition, full view and precise location. Can be naturally employed by all levels of users, novice the trained operators.


1.3 to 560 device description




* optical holography - Parallax free to spread


* enlarge: 1 x


* eye relief: infinite


* the length/width/height: 3.5 "x2.2 x2.8


* weight: 11.2 ounces (317 grams)


* temperature: - 40-150 - F (65 ° C) - 40 -


* waterproof: diving 33 feet (10 meters) deep


* seal: Fogproof internal optics


* color/finish: non-reflective black


* adjusted (per click) : 0.5 the moa (1/2 "(12.7 mm) in 100 yards (91 meters))


* adjusting range: + / - 40 moa travel


* mountain: 1 "(25.4 mm) knitting or MIL - STD 1913 railway


* zero: repeatable re - 2 after mounting the moa


Display window


* optical surface: Anti - reflection coating


Window size: 1.20 "x 0.85" (30 x 23 mm)


* : front window materials resistant to shatter glass 1/8 of an inch (3.17 mm)


* window materials: resistance to fracture laminate 3/16 "(4.76 mm)


* vision 100 yards (91 meters) : 30 yards ($28) 4 "eye relief




* day mode brightness adjusting range: 12800:1 smart to a minimum


* power supply: 1 x CR2 lithium battery


* the battery life: about 100 in the name of setting 10 hours continuously


20 * brightness Settings: set up and the rolling function


1.4 the location of the main components and description



Figure 2:56 component 0 years


Holographic window - contains embedded holographic reticle pattern, form a virtual image of the reticle by laser light.


Protective Hood - Preassembled, protective cap to increase the durability of building damage and protect eyesight.


Battery cap) thread protection caps, sealed battery box, to prevent water and dust or dirt from entering the battery housing.


Universal Mount - Ambidextrous, quick release base stents, 1 "(25.4 mm) weaver or mil - STD - 1913 railway. Adjustable lever can adapt to all the mil - STD 1913 railway tolerance.


The influence of clearance adjustment, adjust the 1/2 moa per click the left and to the right direction.


The influence of the height adjustment, 1/2 moa per click up and down - ward direction.


On/off and light switch, button control interface allows the operator to perform and adjustment of choice for users to set appropriate conditions




2.0 operating instructions


This section describes the features and operation procedures of 560 years. Please read the instructions carefully before installation and use, and always practice the proper gun safety.


For will include:


* see assembly


* 1 * 123 type lithium battery


* technical manuals


2.1 description of components, control and indicators


For the use of laser holographic graticule pattern embedded in the display window and forms a virtual image model of reticle. The gunners looked through the display window, and saw a bright red reticle pattern projected onto the target aircraft. Absolutely no light projected onto the target aircraft. No amplification.


2.1.1 cover


Equipped with protective cap. The cover assembly in the factory. Should you need to repair or replace cover, please contact your unit armourer repair, replacement, or contact the factory repair or replacement.


2.1.2 battery


Provide a first conducted by lithium battery power in 560. Aiming to maintain a constant brightness in a specific set of batteries. Reticle brightness is not going to disappear gradually when the battery run down, but suddenly shut down.


Is always good practice before the battery replaced with a new task.


2.1.3 replacement battery


Remove the battery cover cap counterclockwise until the pull away from the battery compartment cover. After the battery cover is removed, slippery, replaced by a new battery. You can find a "-" tag battery cover to ensure that the correct. Battery orientation. Replace the battery cover, make the hat with the battery compartment, carefully start line cap, urning clockwise. Before starting to tighten cap, make sure that the thread to avoid cross thread is aligned correctly. Verify the correct installation battery immediately open and check if the holographic reticle. Range can plug in the battery cover and cover to minimise the risk of obstruction.


2.1.4 the electronic properties


All of the electronic control is through the push button switch is located in the back of the unit housing, as shown in figure 2. In order to ensure the correct operation of push button switch, the news center of the switch.


1. in


Press the up or down arrow button switch will be in grade 12. See will automatically perform battery check open at a time. Reticle will blink when the battery 2.5 and 5 hours of useful life.


2. the


Turn off, press the up and down arrow at the same time. Validation is through the ingenuity of on/off the reticle display window.


3. Brightness adjustment


The strength of the push button switch change holographic reticle brightness mode. Press and release button switch move up or down a brightness level (1) the steps from the previous Settings. Pressing and the up arrow or down arrow switch will change the brightness level continuously up or down the steps. Twenty (20) in the daytime brightness Settings provides a dynamic range of 12800-1 the lowest set the highest setting.



Figure 3: button interface


2.1.5 deviation and adjustment of elevation



Figure 4: deviation adjustment


Click on the (R) function and elevation deviation adjustment mechanism. On the right side of the clearance adjustment in sight (figure 4). Height adjustment knob to the front.



Figure 5: height adjustment


Clearance adjustment mechanism is a slotted screw head and need to use a screwdriver, COINS, or spent brass. Height adjustment by hand. The influence of the movement, the elevation adjustment. The influence of the right, the deviation to adjust correctly. Elevation and clearance adjustment parallel hole rifle factory installed parallel to the railway. See, should be installed close to mechanical zero at the right rail. Don't open the adjustment before installing the sight of the gun. Be sure to check, mountain and vision is safely installed after the first launch.


CAUTION - the When met with resistance increase adjustment, the end of the range. Do not open any further adjustment, serious damage may occur.


2.2 preventive maintenance inspection and service (PMC)


Operator level maintenance


The operator is limited to replace the battery and battery pack and clean on the surface of the shell.


Replace the battery


Replace the battery under the heading to see the description of the component parts, control and indicators. Do not use deterioration or corrosion cell. Check the battery tear, tear, or cut the housing. If you have any contact, the content of the internal battery, its operation may affect the line of sight.


Operator cleaning instruction


1. The optical system and Windows coated with anti - reflection material. When clean the glass surface, the first blow away any dirt and dust. Fingerprints and lubricant can wipe off the lens tissue or soft cotton cloth, moist lens cleaning fluid or glass cleaner in any camera store sells. Never clean the glass surface with dry cloth or paper towels; Before always suppress clean glass surface.


2. Don't see surface needs to be maintained, except occasionally wipe with a soft cloth. Only use water-based cleaner such as glass cleaner, ammonia water, soap and water. Never use any solvent - type such as alcohol or acetone clean. Do not use guns clean or lubrication (R).


3. At present all the moving parts of the permanent lubrication unusually quick release lever. If the sound generated when opening/closing lever, add a drop of oil rod assembly. Don't try to lubrication other moving parts.


4. Never remove the vision optical assembly. Optical cavity purification, and sealing to achieve prevent mist performance. Remove will void the warranty and damage eyesight.


2.3 troubleshooting


In the following section Outlines measures operator can specify the failure.


Failure: see not started:


Corrective action 1: make sure at the moment, rather than at a very low brightness Settings, press the button simultanously.


Corrective action 2: ensure the battery is inserted correctly. Positive (+) end should be positioned in the battery cover.


Corrective action 3: battery replacement for a new, unused battery contains a full charge.


Corrective measures 4: check the battery contact point in front of the battery cover and itself. Make sure they are free of debris or corrosion.


Corrective action 5: reset electronic by removing any power supply for about two minutes. This will allow an electronic housing, power capacitor, reset the electronics. Replace the battery and run normally.


Corrective measures 6: check the battery contact corrosion or wear and tear. Clean the contact.


Corrective measures 7: in cell level maintenance.


Failure: the reticle is fuzzy/a halo effect/have multiple partition board:


Cross hair nature is being naughty, periphery will seem to be made up of many small points. Central circle is still a differentiator.


Corrective action 1: reduce the reticle brightness level. This error is usually due to excessive reticle brightness. The reticle is not designed to be bright and beautiful piece of target.


Corrective action 2: reticle is projected onto the plane of your goals. You must pay attention to it like any other object in the distance. Don't focus on housing, focusing instead on your goals. Outer ring design reference center, similar to a ghost ring.


Corrective action 3: if you wear corrective glasses myopia, you need them, not myopia glasses, see focus reticle, projected on the target plane. If you are wearing glasses or have astigmatism, you may see a distorted reticle.


Corrective action 4: check the use of people to see, is what you see, to ensure that it is not your former coke sensitivity will be in maintenance.


Corrective action 5: at the unit level maintenance.


Failure: striped reticle/graticule was part of the dark/reticle disappeared in the window:


Corrective action 1: change the battery.


Corrective action 2: check the use of people to see, is what you see, to ensure that it is not your former coke sensitivity will be in maintenance.


Corrective action 3: at the cell level maintenance.


2.4 unit level maintenance


Armourer units or individuals responsible for the unit level maintenance is only authorized to replace or repair the following items:


- '


- 'cap


- the Quick release, the foundation of the adjustable


- Protective mask, cap screws


The technical manuals





Packaging & Shipping




 Packing Includes:

  • 1 * 556 Type Red and Green Dot Sight
  • 1 * CP123A Batteries(Not Included)
  • 1 * Instruction Manual
  • 1 * A Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 * Allen Wrench




  • Quality:32 Pcs
  • Box Size:19cm*11cm*8cm
  • Carton Size:60cm*32cm*36cm
  • Gross Weight:15KG